Solomon's Knot Lace Class

While away this week, my new mini class just released at Interweave. I am very excited to share it with you today!  Solomon's Knot Lace Class: Learn an Easy Technique for Crochet Lace

In Solomon’s Knot Lace Workshop I show you how easy it is to crochet a beautiful, vintage lace.  I give you tips to create uniform loops and crisp stitches.  Once we master the basic stitches we dive into adding crochet stitches within our work, both in the row and the join.  By mixing vintage Solomon's knots with classic crochet, the world of wondrous lace opens up to us.  We end class by playing with beads and how you can change the look of Solomon's Knot Lace by how you use beads.  This class is perfect if you have that one stunning skein of yarn in your stash that you really want to show off the fiber.  Solomon's Knots create beautiful stitches and truly highlight how stunning yarn in its essence is.

You can practice your new skills and make the Liberty Lace Cowl (pattern available here).

Hope you enjoy the Workshop, and I can't wait to see what beautiful lace you all crochet!

Basic Solomon's Knot
Mixing picots and simple rows.

Adding beads 3 different ways.
Using clusters as joins instead of single crochets


Liberty Lace Cowl

Looking for a spring scarf that is light on warm days and snuggly on rainy days?  Liberty Lace is for you.  Soft and lovely, this cowl feels as light as a feather around your neck.  Wear it wrapped around your neck as a cowl or draped over your shoulders as a caplet, either way you will fall in love!  The cowl mixes Solomon’s knots with traditional crochet make for a striking lace fabric.  Even if you are a bit rusty on making Solomon's knots, you will be able to refresh and get moving in no time flat with this pattern.  You can purchase the pattern over at Interweave Store.com.  And if you have never tried Solomon's knots, keep an eye out for a new online class of mine over at Interweave that will go through all the nuts, bolts, lace and beads of the technique!


Anzula Luxury Fibers Oasis (CYCA #3), 70% Silk, 30% Camel, 375 yds/ 100g:
Temperance, 1 hank


G/7 (4.5mm) hk or hk needed to obtain gauge


Yarn Needle, Spray Bottle and Rust-Proof Pins

Stitches Used:

ch     Chain
sl st   Slip Stitch
sc      Single Crochet
dc     Double Crochet

tr       Treble Crochet
tch    Turning Chain
ch-sp   Chain Space


4 msk by Rows 2-6 of pattern = 4” (10 cm) by 4.5” (11.5 cm)

Finished Size:

Cowl is 14” (35.5 cm) wide by 56” (142 cm) long



Crochet Booth at Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival

Since we are so close to the festival. I can not wait to share with you all the lovelies we will have for sale.  Its a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Lots of things we just love and hope you do too.  You can find us in Booth #65-66 which is in the area in front of the doors to the main marketplace, nice and convenient to come chat crochet before you run to class.  We will have a big sign that says "CROCHET" so hopefully you won't be able to miss us!

Here are some of our goodies:

Bar Maids  We got Lo Lo To Go Bars, they are their smaller size of the big lotion bar.  Perfect to toss in your yarn bag.  I have one in mine and use it before I work all the time.  We also have TONS of their trial size for sale, so if you just want to try before buying a bar you can.  I also love those.  I have a bunch in my diaper bag for when I need it on the go.  Speaking of on the go, we also have Lo Lo Lips, so you can keep chatting not stop while at the festival.

SOAK  I love Soak.  And this year we have their small 3oz bottle for any hand washing or cold soak blocking.  Plus we have their Flatter spray which is perfect for ironing or spray blocking special projects.  And if you are not quite sure, we will have a ton of trial size for sale.  I use those in my suitcase for the oops when I am on the road.

Bamboo So Fine Yarn by Kristin Omdahl    My fellow designer and good friend is sending her amazing yarn for us too.  Finding bamboo is not an easy task, and with summer coming up, she has the perfect yarn to use.  Her yarn comes in 2 weights fine and sport, both are perfect for summer and spring crocheting.  As a bonus, you get a trial size of her Wrapture Wash to hand wash your creation once its done, plus a link to download a collection of projects for each yarn.

The Crochet Dude Hooks and Notions  If you don't know Drew yet, then you are in for a treat.  You are just going to LOVE spending time with him in Pittsburgh.  He is one of my favorite people and I couldn't me more thrilled to have him here in our city.  With him, he is bringing a collection of his Crochet Dude line of hooks and notions.  There is something for all in his collection.

The Crochet Dude Yarn Line  We are also lucky because he is bringing with him his collection of yarn.  You can get his yarn in shawl kits.  What a great bonus!  Great yarn plus a pattern to use!

Amelia and Wiggles Yarn Line  Rebecca and Karen are going to be manning the booth while Drew and I are off teaching.  As you know they are true experts on all crafts, so not only are they fantastic to talk to but they are bringing their yarn line as well.  I love their yarn and they will have even more for the show.  They will have kits of some of my patterns, but also brand new yummy yarn to try.

Crochet By Faye Patterns  As before, I will have my menu board of patterns.  All you want and more, all will be for sale at the show only for 4$.

Books, DVDs  I will also have all my books and DVDs available as well.  If you couldn't get into one of my classes, you might like to take a DVD of one of them in stead.

I can't wait to see you there.  It will be very exciting in the new location!


Butler Street Cowl

Butler Street Cowl

Light and airy, this delicate motif cowl can bring a bit of beauty and warmth to even the coldest days of winter. Made with one hank of alpaca yarn, it makes a great gift for loved ones.  Kit will be  available at Amelia and Wiggles.  Photography by Katy Porter of Love Struck Photography.

Highland Alpaca Tantallon Castle (CYCA #1), 100% Alpaca, 400 yds/ 100g:
Natural Med Brown (#100013), 1 hank

D/3 (3.25mm) hk or hk needed to obtain gauge

Yarn Needle, Spray Bottle and Rust-Proof Pins

Stitches Used:
ch      Chain
sl st   Slip Stitch
sc      Single Crochet
hdc    Half Double Crochet
dc      Double Crochet
tr       Treble Crochet
dtr      Double Treble Crochet
tch      Turning Chain
ch-sp   Chain Space

Motif = 3 5/8” (9 cm) by
3 5/8” (9 cm)

Finished Size:
50 ¾” (129 cm) in circumference and 7 ¼” (18.5 cm) in width

$4, PDF Download Only

Fine Print: To use the PDF, you will need appropriate software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. By purchasing this pattern, you are granted a limited license to download the pdf file to a single personal computer and to print out a hard copy of the pattern, solely for personal non-commercial use.

Schenley Shawl

Schenley Shawl

This incredibly versatile shawl can be worn as a common scarf, a cropped bolero, a lacy cardigan, a breezy shawl, a crossed top, or even a cute capelet.  It crochets up quickly with very lacy motifs and linked chain space edgings.  Photography is by Katy Porter at Love Struck Photography

Amelia and Wiggles Little Pink Bear (CYCA #3), 100% Superwash Merino Wool, 246 yds/ 100g:
Denim, 2 hanks

G/7 (4.5mm) hk or hk needed to obtain gauge

Yarn Needle, Spray Bottle and Rust-Proof Pins

Stitches Used:
ch   Chain
sl st   Slip Stitch
sc   Single Crochet
dc   Double Crochet
tr Treble Crochet
dtr            Double Treble Crochet
tch            Turning Chain
ch-sp  Chain Space

Motif = 7” (18 cm)

Finished Size:
64” (162.5 cm) in length and 10 ½” (26.5 cm) in width

Ways to Wear Shawl:
There are endless ways to wear the shawl from common the scarf to a shortened bolero.  See a few at : http://bit.ly/1pXQBta

$4.00, PDF Download Only

Fine Print: To use the PDF, you will need appropriate software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. By purchasing this pattern, you are granted a limited license to download the pdf file to a single personal computer and to print out a hard copy of the pattern, solely for personal non-commercial use.

Join me in Colorado in April!

In just about a month, I will be heading back to the Denver area for Yarn Fest.  I can't wait to go soak up some more of that sunshine while having fun with crochet.  I really hope you can join me!  There is room in all my classes, only a few are close to being full.  The festival will be in Loveland and has classes from crochet to knitting to spinning to weaving.  The Marketplace will be stocked with tons of lovely goodies too.

April 16 9am-12
Crochet Like a Pro 
In the class, you’ll learn designer tips and tricks to make your work look sensational. We discuss the joys of blocking, the ways around frogging some of the worst mistakes (like how to move a button hole and how to cut your crochet), finishing techniques that will make your garment look store-bought and how to add beads for extra sparkle.

April 16 1:30-4:30
Unexpected Lace Crochet
Tired of the same old crochet patterns? Ready for what’s next? Come with me as we explore the wide world of crochet through fun unusual stitches. We will play with foundation stitches, extended stitches, linked stitches, Solomon’s knots, broomstick, Belgium lace, X stitches, P stitches and more! Just bring your hook, yarn and some basic knowledge of crochet (no matter how rusty) and we will have a ball exploring all the unexpected stitches.  This class is close to being full.

April 17 9am-12
Beyond the Basics
Looking to add a few new skills to your crochet tool box? In this class, you will master crochet colorwork just from making dressed up stripes that make amazing stitch patterns. We will conquer the post stitch cable and fake cables for stunning textured projects. We will also imagine gorgeous lace fabric from small motifs we can carry with us anywhere. All you need to bring is your yarn, hook and a passion for crochet fun!  This class is great if you want to sample a little of a bunch of different techniques.

April 17 1:30-4:30pm
Crocheting with Color
Come get a taste of how you can get powerful results in all your crochet colorwork projects! We will discuss the simplicity of mosaic crocheting, the joy of slip stitch embroidery and easy ways to stay on track in charted color. This class will get you excited about color and give you inspiration to go have a color explosion.  This class is close to being full.

April 18 9am-12pm
Crochet Cables and Lace
Post stitches are a crocheter’s greatest tool to bring stitch patterns to life. In class, we will discuss how to make post stitches and use them to make stunning cables, eye catching lace and flowing textured fabric. Post stitches can be one of the most underused stitches and you will learn lots of tricks to crochet them perfectly for any project.

April 18 1:30-4:30pm
Crochet Finishing Techniques
You have crocheted all your sweater panels and now what? In this master class, we will answer just that. We will discuss using the right seam, best way to block, and perfect buttonholes. Everything put together and it still looks wonky? No problem. We will talk about ways to fix and straighten even the biggest mistakes. This class is geared to take the beginner sweater crocheter to the next level with just a few simple steps.

April 19 9am-12
Crochet Jewelry
If you have a passion for crochet and jewelry, come explore how combining them can yield amazing results! In class we will play with fun materials—from basic thread to wire to leather. We will discover a number of ways to add sparkle to our work through crocheting on beads. Along the way, you’ll learn some great basic jewelry techniques that will take your project to the next level. Feel free to bring your own materials along or buy the kit in class.  This class is wide open, so if you wanted any one on one time this would be the class to take.

Can't wait to see you at Yarn Fest!


Crochet Flowers Workshop

I don't know about you, but here in Pittsburgh we need a bit of Spring.  If you feel the same way, Interweave and Craft Daily just released my latest workshop that might help bring a bit of spring to your house even if it still looks like winter outside.

Crochet Flowers

In this mini-workshop, we walk through 5 flower motifs.  Each flower starts in the center and works its way out; but that's where the similarities end.  Each flower walks you through a different technique to make great flowers.  We talk about front/ back/ and middle loops; we play with short rows, and how to make easy color changes.  At the end, we talk about the many ways you can use flowers; in jewelry, as hair pins, as embellishments, in sweaters, and even in blankets.   Of course along the way, I talk about how to read patterns and use those super helpful stitch diagrams.  I have tried to pack in as much knowledge as I could in an hour; so that you can crochet yourself an entire garden of colorful vibrant blossoms.

You can see a preview of the class at Craft Daily.

You can get a kit to make 2 of all the flowers (that's 10 total) over at Amelia and Wiggles.  Their colorful hand dyed yarn it what first inspired all these flowers.

Hope you enjoy and these bring a bit of spring to your home too!


Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival 2015

Its that time of year again!  

Pittsburgh's Knit and Crochet Festival

March 27-29, 2015

This year the fun is moving downtown to give more room for all the great yarn and fiber there is to see and touch!  I am looking forward to the change, I think it will be fun to try something new in a new space.  

Amelia & Wiggles and I are again teaming up to bring you an even larger and more crochet centered booth.  Our good friend, Drew Emborsky, is going to be joining us to take our little booth into the "crochet SUPER booth" zone.  You can definitely expect all the items we had in the past.  We will have all my books, DVDs, and patterns.  Amelia and Wiggles will be bringing crochet kits and their wonderful hand dyed yarn.  We will have some goodies like in past years.  Little items that we know can be hard to find but we love to use.   Drew will be adding his crochet goodies; and, of course, his wonderful infectious charm.  Oh man, we are going to have fun!  You have to come stop by.

As in previous years, I will be teaching throughout the festival.  Drew will be teaching as well.  So if you can't find us, we might be in class; but please stop by Rebecca and Karen will LOVE to chat with you.  They are the best crocheters (and knitters) I know, they love everything to do with yarn and you are going to have a great time no matter what when you come by. 

My classes this year are all brand new.  COMPLETELY!  

Crocheting with Variegated Yarn
Friday 1:30-4:30
Do you have a gorgeous ball of yarn sitting in your yarn basket just waiting to be crocheted; but you don’t know what to do with it?  Come along to this crocheting with variegated yarn class and we will explore all the ways to make great projects.  We will learn about short rows, colorwork crochet, crocheting on bias, and making motifs. This class is for the intermediate level student, must know how to chain, single crochet, and double crochet.  I might have to drag Rebecca in for part of this class.  We are going to be looking at what looks good in variegated yarns by crocheting, but she knows the scientific reasons why they do.  Good thing since she makes the yarn. I will definitely have some of their beauties in class if you wanted to purchase them. 

Crocheting with Color
Saturday 9-12
Come get a taste of how to get powerful results in all your crochet colorwork projects. We will discuss the simplicity of mosaic crocheting, the joy of slip stitch embroidery, and easy ways to stay on track in charted color. This class will get you excited about color and give you inspiration to go have a color explosion. This class is for the intermediate level student, must know how to chain, single crochet, and double crochet.  This class is an extension of a one hour mini class I taught a few years ago.  3 times as much time to crochet, we are going to have a great time!

Tunisian Crochet Lace and Entrelac
Saturday 2-5
Often confused with both knitting and crochet, Tunisian crochet is an art form all unto itself making the most unique woven fabric. In class we will remind ourselves how to make the basic stitches, then dive into crocheting lace and entrelac. We will discuss Tunisian Crochet stitch diagrams and tips to making the most beautiful fabric. This class is for the intermediate level student, must know how to Tunisian Simple stitch, chain, single crochet, and double crochet.  I won't lie, I am really excited for this class. I love teaching Tunisian, it is so fun and we are going to do some cool things with it here!

Creative Crochet Motifs
Sunday 12:30-3:30
Crochet motifs are one of the most recognizable shapes in crafting, but what can you do with them?  In class, we will walk through a number of projects to show you how creative we can get.  We will talk about ways to display just one in artwork, or making it into a bowl, or even fun earrings.  We will learn how easy it is to put a number together to make a great sweater or afghan. This class is for the intermediate level student, must know how to chain, single crochet, and double crochet.  Sunday is always a good day for an inspiration and not a brain drain class,  This is the one,  We are going to look at a million different was to combine and make motifs.  And my hope is everyone leaves ready to make their masterpiece. 

I really hope I get to see you in Pittsburgh this year! 


Thanks for hosting me Denver!

Last week I got to spend some time in the beautiful sunny city of Denver (and Fort Collins too).  It was part secret work project/ part family check up on my brilliant but stressed brother and sister in law/ and part mandatory mommy vacation.  You know when you just need a day away, well that was me, so my wonderful (and very sick) husband would not let me return early to help, but forced me to spend some extra time away from the monkeys.

Denver and Fort Collins were totally welcoming and fun cities.  I haven't been back for about four years and was thrilled to see all the building and developments (once an architectural engineer, always an engineer, you know!)  The weather cracked me up.  Being from Pittsburgh, PA (and Allentown, originally) I am used to winter.  I like winter.  Denver winter is funny.  My first day it was 60 and cloudy, second 25 and 4" of snow, third 70 and sunny.  You got to love a city where mother nature has a sense of humor!

My secret work project was for my longest running and most welcoming client (you can guess).  They asked me to film 4 videos for them, and who was I to say no?  Out of everything I do, I think teaching is hands down my absolute favorite.  Granted I like teaching live best, but this is not bad.  You get to be creative, and share what you know.  It is so fun!  I will of course tell you as soon as they are ready what the classes are about.  Till then, let me show you some of what I got to have fun with in pictures.

Nothing like starting the day with a little airbrushing ;)  And yes, I am totally 5 at heart.
Thank you Cory for the beautiful job making me look not like a crazy tired mom!

Yes, that is my "I will kill you look".  I am no model, I hate photos.  No wonder why my kids make this EXACT face too when I ask them to smile. 

First video of the day.  The camera guys are so talented.  They ran all three cameras at one time.  Amazing!

Other half of the studio, where Lindsay and Jill can watch for any oops.

Pretty background behind me + my book.  Matches perfectly don't you think?

My Rita and Wren clutch comes in handy!

Playing with Flowers

Lindsay and I at lunch.  And such a good lunch!  I am a soup person, and found two other soup people to share a great lunch.  And not your average soup, like African Peanut, Red Beef Curry, and more.  I'm hungry just thinking about it.

Second video of the day.  Testing my intro.  I stumble through the titles of my books every single time. You think at least the author should get them right?

Day two: fun with fake eyelashes.  My first.  Totally worth it.  Really did make my eyes pop behind my glasses.  And gave my 8 year old self endless amusement taking them off.  

Tray of goodies, to show/ demonstrate/ and mostly, hopefully, inspire!

Garrett working 3 camera at once on day two.  Seriously they are talented.

Me very excited about yarn, so my usual state.

Atenti overnight bag, Yarn Pop project bag, and Rita and Wren clutch.  Seriously, anything I talk about on this blog I totally use myself!

Last video, with a few of my old project friends from Berroco.com and Blueprint Crochet Sweaters.
Thank you so much to Jill Brooke for taking all these photos for me.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.  Trying to remember to say every last detail I want to in my classes usually leaves me brain dead, and taking the photos both reminds me what we did and makes me chuckle too.

Now sadly the actual content of the classes is still secret for now.  They should be released soon.  Till then it doesn't mean we can't have some fun right?  If any of you can correctly guess the topics in each of my 4 classes, I will send you a little prize box of yarn.  You have to get all 4 correct.  There is no time limit, guess away until the videos are ready.  I will privately let the winner know that won and send them the goodies, so make sure there is a way I can contact you.  Enter by leaving a comment here or email me or tweet me.  Now I better run and get the last of those class handouts together!